About Us

In the very centre of the small town of Boadilla del Monte was located in 1979 Inmodon Noroeste, one of the first Estate Agencies in the area, just in the area where nowadays we can find the town hall. From the very beginning Inmodon Noroeste became in one of the most important Estate Agencies in his area.

Although from the beginning Inmodon Noroeste was dedicated to the real estate intermediation, they early began to diversify his activity, with property developments in Boadilla del Monte and Villaviciosa de Odón.

With the new millennium, Inmodon Noroeste experienced a deep transformation in a short time, which allowed their adaptation to the changeable and complex environment in which their activity is developed. This transformation began with the move of their office to its current location, only a few meters away from the original, in one of the oldest and most emblematic buildings in the town, which, since then, houses a modern and dynamic company that incorporates new technologies to the field of the real estate intermediation, by the most qualified staff. With this, Inmodon Noroeste achieves the aim of becoming one of the most modern companies in their area, but mantaining their identity. This transformation process finishes in 2006, when Inmodon Noroeste is converted into Bargan. This not only is a change in the brand name, but it also means a new corporate image, more modern and adapted to the current times.

However, Bargan is not just a real estate agency. In the last years, its owners have been able to diversify, and in this moment, Bargan is a member of a group of companies dedicated to a wide variety of activities, such as parking management, promotional marketing, event management or the field of audiovisuals.

What the real estate agency concerns, we still working with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as always. If you already know us, you know what we are talking about and we look forward to serving you again. If you don't know us yet, this could be a good opportunity to do so. You won't regret it.

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